What members are saying about Midwest Business Exchange

At Midwest Business Exchange, we are committed to acting in the best interests of our members. Serving over 900 clients, we have had the opportunity to assist with and facilitate a number of large trades. With the goal of helping our members market themselves, conserve cash, and increase sales, we’ve earned a reputation for having a positive impact on our members’ bottom lines. To see what our members are saying about us, we encourage you to take a closer look at the testimonials below.

I have been a member of MBE for over 20 years. I use MBE for everything from going on vacations , flooring and chimney work. It’s also a great way to advertise too. When I need something  I’ll call my broker they get right on it.

Laura Kinkema
Bow Wow Boutique

Midwest Business Exchange is a terrific organization that consistently drives business to Absolute Video. We appreciate the relationship because staff is always looking out for our best interests. The great people of MBE provide opportunity for growth and they do it with integrity (and humor!) everyday.

Tom Sielatycki
Absolute Video

Since joining MBE in 1980, I’ve had all my business supplies for Angels Pest Control printed through MBE and have done advertising, oil changes car repairs, carpet installation, and cleaning. I have been able to take trips and stay in hotels in Detroit, Chicago, Mackinac Island, and Florida and have gotten glasses and dental work all through MBE. I honestly believe that I couldn’t have stayed in business for 43 years without the extra income MBE put in my pocket. I am truly grateful for MBE and its founder, Jerry Howell.

Dan Dove
Angels Pest Control

As the owner of Player’s Grill in Augusta, I have been doing business with Midwest Business Exchange for over fifteen years. Through the new customers that MBE has brought to our restaurant, I’ve been able to use my trade dollars to get my home’s roof done and install new flooring for my business.

Jeff Hill
Player's Grill

Fred Taylor, Attorney At Law

I have been a member of MBE for three years and I wish I would have joined ten years ago. Not only has my trade business been rewarding, but I have gotten cash referrals from trade jobs. One member in Vicksburg referred me to three of his neighbors for power washing and they in turn referred me to others for painting and glass bead blasting. I can’t say enough for the guys who work there, and when I call you can tell they are genuinely interested in helping me promote my business.

David Hamilton
American Flo Blasting

We have been members of MBE since 1983. Trade does work. We have traded for everything from advertising, to vacations, to car and home repair, to go out to eat, for charitable donations, the list can go on.  In addition to the legal services we provide, we have also used trade to sell items. We have found that it is convenient because the MBE brokers take care of contacting prospective buyer’s vs having to answer multiple calls ourselves from people who are just tire kickers. The trick to trade is to always think trade first, and to always be in a position where you have the ability to make trade deals when opportunities become available. The MBE staff is very helpful, and can usually acquire the trade you are looking for. However, we are still looking for an airplane.  If anyone has one they would like to trade please let me know.

Frederick J Taylor, Atty

Midwest Business Exchange has been a fantastic partner for us. As a local web design company, Blue Fire Media has been able to generate trade dollars by building websites for clients. This has allowed us to reach a wider customer base. More importantly, we’ve been able to use our trade dollars to pay for a number of improvements to our building, including painting, sealcoating, electrical work, lawn maintenance, and flooring. As a way to reach a huge audience of local businesses and secure a range of beneficial goods and services on trade, MBE has exceeded our expectations!

Dave Shires
Blue Fire Media