What are the benefits of bartering through MBE?

Bartering generates new customers, allowing you to expand your market and maintain your paying customers. This is incremental business: customers who bypass competing businesses to do business with you. In fact, the average MBE member does $5,000 in additional business annually.

Barter conserves cash and increases profits

Barter creates new customers because buyers are motivated to pay with their products or services and save cash. Simply put, if you had to purchase a copier for $1000, what would you rather do? Write a check or pay with an equal amount of your products or services at their normal selling price? Most businesses prefer to trade and conserve cash.

Barter moves excess inventory

Retailers: Stores must keep their inventory moving. Each season, customers shop for the most current merchandise. MBE will bring you buyers to move excess inventory, minimizing the advertising costs and heavy discounting otherwise needed to accomplish this.

Manufacturers and wholesalers: We can coordinate the selling of your surplus inventory while helping you obtain the best possible prices for your products. We negotiate for you to receive either the going price in the marketplace or at least your full normal selling price to distributors. This allows you to maintain your current pricing integrity as well as upgrading your return on investment.

Increase productivity by filling downtime and unused capacity

Service business: Increase billable hours! If you are not at 100% capacity twelve months a year and can handle new customers, we can help you fill your idle time with new business opportunities. And now, you will have trade dollars to purchase what you need.

Hotels: Suppose you have ten vacant rooms at $100 a night and you need a new brochure for $1000. Barter provides a way for you to buy your brochure, fill your rooms (at your cost on the rooms), and maintain your cash.

Manufacturers: If you are currently operating at 90% capacity, going to 93% changes very little in the cost of production. Wouldn’t it make sense to take on a new barter customer to cover the cost of next year’s product catalog?

Networking expands your customer base

Barter customers will bring you all of the cash referrals that your present clients bring. Additionally, you will gain new paying customers, as long as you give your barter customers the same great services and pricing as you offer everyone else.