Midwest Business Exchange

MBE Barter - How It Works!A network of local businesses and organizations, Midwest Business Exchange (MBE) allows members to barter their goods and services among themselves. The team at MBE helps to facilitate trades between members, eliminating the drawbacks of one-on-one trading by creating a functioning barter economy that allows businesses to trade with one another. As a result, a business can engage in trade even if they do not have goods or services that their trading partner wants.

Since 1980, MBE has worked with countless businesses, nonprofits, and organizations to support the local economy by encouraging mutually beneficial exchanges. More importantly, we’ve helped our members market and advertise their businesses in ways that their budget may not have otherwise allowed.

If you’re looking to learn more about how barter works, what its advantages are, and what you stand to gain by participating, the team at MBE is here to provide you with the information you need.
Looking to join Midwest Business Exchange? We’re always looking to expand! Whether you’re a healthcare provider, a local restaurant, or anything in between, our team will work with you to get you on board!
Already an MBE member? If you’re looking to file your transactions, discover great barter deals, or learn how to stretch your trade dollars, we’ve assembled a number of helpful, informative documents.
David Hamilton

I have been a member of MBE for three years and I wish I would have joined ten years ago. Not only has my trade business been rewarding, but I have gotten cash referrals from trade jobs. One member in Vicksburg referred me to three of his neighbors for power washing and they in turn referred me to others for painting and glass bead blasting. I can’t say enough for the guys who work there, and when I call you can tell they are genuinely interested in helping me promote my business.

Fred Taylor, Attorney At Law

Jeff Hill

As the owner of Player’s Grill in Augusta, I have been doing business with Midwest Business Exchange for over fifteen years. Through the new customers that MBE has brought to our restaurant, I’ve been able to use my trade dollars to get my home’s roof done and install new flooring for my business.