Documents pertinent to your MBE membership

Whether you’re looking to get more out of your trade dollars or you want to read MBE’s trading rules, we’ve collected all of the documents that you need here. Serving over 900 members throughout the Midwest, our goal is to arm our members with all of the knowledge and documentation that they need to make informed, beneficial trades. From travel request forms and moneymaking ideas to membership applications and selling tips, we’ve compiled a number of helpful, essential documents on this page. If you can’t find the document that you’re looking for, we encourage you to reach out to us via our contact page.

File Size
MBE Membership Application and Contract
2.5 MB
The Economic Realities of Barter
28.4 KB
How to Fill Out an MBE Voucher
5.7 MB
Twenty Money-Making Ideas to Maximize Your Trading Efforts
26.2 KB
Travel Request Form
715.0 KB
Trading Rules
357.4 KB
Eight Ways to Use Trade Dollars for Employees
150.8 KB
Back to the Basics
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MBE Vouchers
42.8 KB